Your ultimate resource for mental golf and thinking above par.

An online platform to help get out of your own way and use all of your talent by learning to recognize and release your own personal blocks including the pressure to create results, the fear of making mistakes, the worry of what other people think, and the doubt of not believing in yourself or your skill.

In The Above Par Academy, the goal is not to change your mechanical skills but to take what you currently own to the course by helping you think better and feel better while you play.

Before I tell you more about The Academy,

let's make sure this is a good fit.

You are right for The Above Par Academy if you have more talent than you take to the course and you're tired of feeling frustrated and disappointed with your performance. You know you're getting in your own way but don't know how to stop.

The Above Par Academy is right for you if you want to play with more calm, certainty and confidence and simply enjoy the game more without feeling like you have to spend a ton of money on lessons or hours beating balls.


  • You work hard on your game but are not seeing the results.
  • You have loads of negative thoughts on the course and feel like you are at the affect of the round and the day.
  • Your emotions seem like they are all over the place during a round and you can feel out of control.
  • You play with a fear of making a mistake, embarrassing yourself or coming up short of your own expectations.
  • You have goals to play in tournaments or events and worry you may choke or embarrass yourself.
  • Golf is a big part of your life and you are just not enjoying it as much as you want.

You are in the right place!

The Above Par Academy will give you the tools, inspiration and personalized coaching you need to take your game to the course, play with more confidence and have a sense of peace around the game while playing some of your best golf.

It doesn't matter your experience, your handicap, your age, or your gender.

You want to take YOUR skill to the course. Anything less is frustrating.

And what gets in the way


your golf brain.

Sure you can practice more

We often think that more lessons and practice will increase our confidence. We tell ourselves that THEN we will be able to play better. We won't have to worry about that totally different golfer showing up on the course.

But no matter how much we practice, we still need to figure out what to do with the mental chatter and negative emotions that keep us from making our best swings.

Most of us know where to go to fix our golf swing,

but we don't know where to go to fix our golf brain...

until now

If you like the Above Par Podcast...

You want to be a part of

The Above Par Academy

Dive into topics that impact you, your performance and your enjoyment around the game.

Want access to a coach when mental challenges come up?

Hi there, I'm Kathy

For the last few decades, I have helped 1000's of golfers swing better and score better.

Over the years I've improved grips, postures, aim, swing paths, pivots, short games, course management, and more.

I've been recognized as a LPGA Top 50 Teacher and a Golf Digest Best in State Teacher but no matter how much time my students spent practicing or how much money they paid me for lessons, it couldn't make up for the negative thinking and runaway emotions that kept them from using that swing on the course.

As a former tour player, I understand the pressure to play income depended on it.

I also understand the disappointment from feeling like I consistently under performed because I got in my own way mentally.

But even seeking the help of sports psychologists and top professionals in the industry nothing clicked for me and I actually thought...something was wrong with me.

When I hired a coach to help me reach some personal goals and discovered how to actually manage my mind, what to do with all my emotions, and realized that I was NOT broken, that was when everything clicked.

I struggled for decades and the process was so simple.

I dove all in and started teaching my students the same process so that they could play with calm, create certainty and build confidence and ultimately play some of their best golf.

It's a trifecta of experience

The Tour






What Is The Above Par Club?

In the Above Par Academy, I not only share the tools to manage your mind on and off the course, I coach you too.

It is challenging to negotiate the chatter in your own brain but it becomes incredibly easier and faster when someone can pull out the unproductive beliefs.

In The Academy, you:

  • LEARN new topics and concepts to help you take your talent to the course
  • PRACTICE - Just like your swing, mental concepts take awareness, curiosity, and practice
  • CONNECT - You, my friend, are not a unicorn trying to navigate the mental challenges of golf. In live calls or replays, you can listen and learn from others being coached and apply it to you and your situation.
  • COACH - The peace of mind knowing you can reach out for some mental coaching on live monthly calls or 24/7 via email.

What You Gain

  • More control of your brain on (and off) the course
  • A resource to ask your questions and get answers
  • New tools to use in tournaments or important events
  • A process to use in any challenging golf situation
  • Playing to your potential
  • Managing expectations
  • Not worry about what other people think
  • More self-confidence
  • Greater self-worth
  • And apply it to all areas of your life
  • Connection with a community of people who have the same experiences as you

What Clients Say

"This Stuff Works!"

โ I won my first match 4 and 3 yesterday. Played well, because my brain game was on point ๐Ÿ˜Š

I really felt I had a mental advantage and it made all the difference in how I managed my game and my brain. Thank you!!!!โ

Thank you!!!



Get started today

And now, I'd like to invite you join

The Above Par Academy

What You Get

  • Access to a coach to assist you when you have a mental golf challenge
  • A private hub with a growing library of content and tools for your golf brain
  • A new topic each month to go deeper on Above Par thinking (including worrying about other people, self-confidence, tournament prep, believing powerful thoughts, managing any emotion, focusing on results and more)
  • A Live Q and A each month to get coaching on any topic
  • Monthly challenges to help you think and play at a higher level
  • Bonus content including printables, extra coaching, and guest speakers

How it works

Just consuming material is NOT going to get it done.

You don't have to figure it out on your own.

That is why The Above Par Academy is so valuable.

You learn, practice, connect and get coached inside the Academy

The Range for Your Brain

For a limited time

When you sign up NOW....

You get access to all the workshops and live calls from 2022 and 2023

The Mental Blueprint for Tournaments

Hidden Negative Thinking

Believing Without Evidence

How to Stop Focusing on Results

How to Play Well in Important Tournaments

The Golf Confidence Challenge

Golf and Relationships

and more...

plus all the past Live Coaching calls which are incredibly valuable as you get to learn from other people and relate it to your own experience.

Stay a Month or Stay a Year

If you have a brain, there is something to manage

With golf and life there are ALWAYS situtaions that pop up and require us to manage our brains. And that is when The ABOVE PAR Academy is an invaluable resource. But, of course, you can cancel at anytime. As long as you stay a member your rate will never change. If you choose to cancel and return current rates apply.

You may have a teacher that looks at your swing and gives you advice to make it better.

In The Academy, you have a coach to look at your thoughts and

gives you advice to make them better so that you can take that swing to the course!

Get acces to The Above Par Academy for

$79 a month

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions...I have answers. If I can help answer any others feel free to reach out to

What level golfer is this for?

Any level golfer that wants to take more of their game to the course, play with less frustration, manage the negative chatter and enjoy the game more, will find tremendous value in the Above Par Academy

Is this good for my junior?

Yes for sure. The best time to learn to manage your thoughts and emotions is as a junior golfer. Depending on the age of your junior, you may want to go through the material alongside them so the parent and junior are "talking the same language."

How long is the membership?

Your menmbership is monthly and you can remain a member as long as you want. You can cancel your membership at anytime. If you wish to rejoin in the future you will simply pay the current rates.

What if I have questions or need help?

If you have more questions, reach out to

Still not Sure?

You want to be in the The Above Par Academy if you are motivated

by any of the following:

  • You're tired of underperforming and can't figure it out on your own.
  • You're frustrated with feeling out of control on the course.
  • You can't quiet the negative chatter
  • Golf is a big part of your life...and you want to feel better about it.
  • You have no one to ask how to get out of your own dang way!

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